A Beauty Pamper Session with Facial Vein Treatment in Whitefield

Facial vein treatment in Whitefield helps people with the embarrassment that comes with facial veins.

Professional Leg Vein Treatment in Middleton

Customers can now get leg vein treatment in Middleton at affordable rates.

Successful Vein Treatment in Prestwich

Are you looking for a good cosmetic dermatology clinic that can provide vein treatment in Prestwich?

Get Mole Removal in Bury

It is recommended to visit a local clinic that deals with mole removal in Bury if you discover moles on your skin.

New member of staff… Jodie Burgess

Jodie is a Fully Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council and has over 6 years experience working in a Critical Care setting within NHS Hospitals, she developed a keen interest in [...]

Blemish Clinic Skin Care Range

Our signature skincare range has been developed to maintain good skin health on a daily basis. Our range fights the first signs of ageing by targeting each layer of skin to thoroughly hydrate the [...]

Acne Clinic

Here at Blemish we are carrying out a case study on Acne using Theraclear acne therapy.  We have 7 participants male and female from 17 years old + with moderate acne to severe cases. Acne is the [...]

Facial Peels In Prestwich

When looking into facial peels in Prestwich, do you wonder which type would be best for you? It’s best to consult with a professional at the Blemish Clinic


Now the sun is out we are all focused on one thing, bare legs and sun tan which is great, just don’t forget to protect yourself. Every day the skin should be protected from UVA and UVB even on [...]

New member of staff

A very warm welcome to our newest member of staff.. Demi Norris. After studying business at university for 3 years, and then working for a family business in Lancashire, Demi has learnt the in’s [...]