Hyperpigmentation removal treatments target darkened areas of your skin, which may be a result of hormones, sun damage, injuries, your skin type, medications or acne.

At Blemish clinic we have a range of treatments which can address the skin condition, such as the Obagi skin care system, peels or Laser treatment. Hyperpigmentation is defined as excess pigmentation in a bodily part or tissue, including the skin.

What are causes of Hyperpigmentation?

Many forms of hyper–pigmentation are caused by an excess production of melanin.

Hyperpigmentation can diffuse or focal, affecting such areas as the face and the back of the hands.

Melanin is produced by melanocytes at the lower layer of the epidermis.

As the body ages, melanocyte distribution becomes less diffuse and its regulation less controlled by the body.

Hyperpigmentation may be caused by sun damage, inflammation, hormone, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne that induces excessive melanin production. 

Darker Asian, Mediterranean or African skin tones are also more prone to hyper – pigmentation, especially if they have excess sun exposure.

How to treat hyperpigmentation?

Based on its cause, your aesthetic goals and your skin type.

The first step is to consult with our dermatologist to determine the cause of the hyperpigmentation we will examine your skin, take a thorough medical history and suggest a treatment strategy based on these findings.

We will also discuss the risks, costs and recovery period associated with any recommended removal procedures.


Options may be as simple as switching your current medication to an alternative that does not affect your skin tone.

Others treatments may be more invasive such as topical lightening creams, peels or laser treatment.

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