Mole, Cyst, Lipoma and Skin Tag Removal

We have various ways in which we can remove these conditions 

In some instances, we will use a wider incision where necessary.

This will require a local anaesthetic and some cutting of the area or a slightly larger margin around the area, and you would require stitches. We use fine stitches on the face to help with a good cosmetic outcome.

Sometimes we can curette the area. This would also require a local anaesthetic but no suturing would be required. As an alternative to stitching, you would probably need the area cauterising after the procedure and would be left with a small burn mark which would fade in time.

In other cases, we can shave the area if it is raised and benign using a scalpel blade, and cauterise the area after treatment.

With regards to skin tags, we either snip and cauterise these or use Cryotherapy to freeze them and they drop off in time.

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