Enhance rejuvenation results with minimal epidermal damage

Rejuvapen uses multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin, the idea behind this treatment is to enhance rejuvenation results, with minimal epidermal damage.

The automatic vibration function of the microneedling increases the effectiveness of treatment by increasing absorption of products, while reducing pain and discomfort. Microneedling can be used to repair imperfections such as wrinkles, dark spots, problems with uneven pigmentation, or scarring. Skin needling has recently gained more popularity because of its relatively low rate of side effect occurrences, and because it is a procedure that can be performed quickly.

During skin needling treatment, slim, fine needles push below the surface of the skin and cause what is called a micro-wound. When these wounds are created, the body’s natural defenses are triggered and it begins to produce new skin cells, capillaries, and collagen in order to repair the damage. This natural repair process caused by skin needling eventually leads to younger-looking skin that’s also firmer and plumper. This is mainly the result of the growth of the collagen, which leads to the reduction of wrinkles.

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