Theraclear Treatment in Prestwich

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Theraclear treatment in PrestwichBlemish Clinic now has a highly effective Theraclear treatment in Prestwich. Theraclear is a modern device used to treat all causes of acne. The older devices for treating acne will destroy most bacteria but leave the sebum. Sebum is that oily or waxy stuff secreted by our glands. We need some sebum to keep our skin and hair from drying out. However, when those glands over react to stress, hormones, air pollutants or food they produce too much sebum. The excess sebum in our pores and hair follicles draw bacteria. The result is infection or acne. While previous machines destroyed the bacteria, they left behind the food source. The bacteria returns and the cycle begin again.

In Prestwich, Theraclear treatment removes the bacteria and the sedum. The dual-purpose system uses broadband light to destroy bacteria and a vacuum to remove the sedum. Follicles and pores are clear and so is your skin. Your skin may be a little red and irritated for a short time immediately following a treatment. You will also notice that Theraclear reduces the appearance of acne right away. You will see results after the first treatment but the best result occurs after the third treatment. The Blemish Clinic technicians have trained on Theraclear system and seen heartening results. Their dermatologists are the finest around. Never trust your skin to anyone other than the experts.

Theraclear treatment in Prestwich is especially effective for acute and adult acne. Teenagers with acne hold on to the promise their acne will go away as they get older. They just need to wait for those raging hormones to level out and stop eating fast-food. For many adults, acne never ended. For others it ended, but returns periodically during stressful times. Theraclear treatments address their acne problems at the cellular level with gratifying results. Reportedly, some people may stop or reduce oral and topical acne treatments after using Theraclear. Certainly, those treatments are more effective when used with Theraclear. Imagine, results from day one with this affordable treatment. For more information about Theraclear treatments, contact Blemish Clinic.

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