Upper and Lower Eye lift

Blepharoplasty Using Radio Frequency Remove Excess Skin from the Eye Area

This treatment is perfect if you are looking tired and heavy around the eye area, but don’t want surgery


SPHEROFILLING gives results comparable to plastic surgery:

The procedure is painless, bloodless, there is minimal bruising or swelling and therefore there is no or little recovery period.

The effect is visible after the first treatment and long lasting.

SPHEROFILL D radiates non-thermic, extremely powerful – using an intense ray of light that instantly evaporates superficial tissues, leading to their sublimation.

Sublimation is a normal physical process which consists of changing the state of a substance from solid to gas after the application of an appropriate type of energy.

No contact with the skin is made, only via the stream of electrons.
Thanks to the application of D.A.S. it is possible to remodel the skin with the instant removal of various imperfections and excess skin.

Abrasion evaporates instantly excess tissue, followed by shrinkage of the skin which leads to “restructuring” of the skin layer.

Spherofill it is used for treating the face in non-surgical blepharoplasty, remodeling scars from acne and other scars, remove fatty cysts and lipomas, a vertical nonsurgical facelift in combination with absorbable PDO threads

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