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Vein treatment in WhitefieldDo you want to get rid of spider veins with vein treatment in Whitefield as you dislike these unsightly veins? Spider veins can be the result of pressure on the veins and they get their name from the red and blue vessels which appear in various places, including behind the knee. People who suffer from this will normally experience swelling in their legs, tiredness and a feeling of heaviness. However, spider veins are mostly a cosmetic issue and they do not present any serious health issues to the person experiencing this.

In Whitefield, vein treatment is available at Blemish Clinic for patients who are looking for an effective treatment. Blemish Clinic is a clinic specialising in skin care and minor surgeries to ensure that your skin looks flawless. Recently, an interested patient wanted to know the options available to treat spider veins, and the clinician in charge informed her that there are two methods. The first one is sclerotherapy which is one of the most common treatments whereby the vein is injected with a solution that forces the vein to reduce and after a few weeks, the veins will fade and disappear. The method is effective, however, for those with smaller veins, they might want to consider laser treatments as they are more focused and they can be effective as well. Before you decide on the treatment, it is always a good idea to talk with the doctor in charge and find more about the procedure in general. Before you proceed with the treatment, you will need to inform your doctor about the medications that you are taking as aspirin and Warfarin and other medications can cause the blood to thin.

Following the injections for vein treatment in Whitefield, you will need to keep wearing the graduated compression stockings for at least 72 hours without removing them. They are an important part of the healing process and for the treatment to be effective. If you are considering vein treatment and have a few questions, you can contact Blemish Clinic.

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