Proshock Cyro Lipo

A non-invasive device for reducing body fat and fibrous cellulite

Pro shock Ice uses a patented technology called Ice-Shock-Lipolysis, a combination of cryo lipolysis (Cryo Lipo) and acoustic shock wave therapy, to permanently remove fat and cellulite.

Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive method that doesn’t cause any damage to the surrounding tissue, liver or bloodstream. Permanent reduction of body fat is accompanied by improvement of microcirculation and break up of collagen fibres and macro-nodules, thus the reduction of cellulite.

We recommend a course of 6 per area of concern every 7-10 days.

For optimum results combine this treatment with Mesotherapy.

Pro shock shape for the treatment of Cellulite

Celluform for the treatment of Localised Fat, Cellulite, Slow and Weakened Microcirculation and Tissue Oxygenation

Revital Tonic for the treatment of Asphyctic skin, Atonic and Devitalized Skin and Stretch Marks 



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