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Mature woman who has had aesthetic treatments in Lancashire

Award-Winning Clinic

Regulated by theCare Quality Commission

Award-Winning Clinic

Regulated by theCare Quality Commission
look and feel your best

Non-invasive aesthetic treatments

We use a combination of non-invasive treatments including anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, polynucleotides, Profhilo, Sculptra and other collagen and elastin boosters, Focus Dual and several other minimally invasive options to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Highly trained and experienced in advanced aesthetic medicine, we use only the highest quality and most innovative products and technology to deliver long-lasting, natural-looking results.

Minimize Ageing

At Blemish Clinic, we understand the importance of enhancement and rejuvenation treatments which minimize the signs of ageing whilst maintaining your natural features. Our non-surgical aesthetic treatments are designed to achieve subtle yet effective results which make you feel confident and the best version of yourself.

Aesthetics is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and your recommended treatment path should be unique to you as an individual rather than a treatment that is pre-planned or pre-packaged.

We offer a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic procedures aimed at enhancing natural features, rejuvenating the skin, promoting skin health, and combatting the signs of ageing. Along with aftercare advice and recommendation of medical-grade skincare products, to get the best outcome and extend the life of each treatment.

Starting with natural enhancement and preventative treatments all the way through to reverse ageing. Our treatment plans are bespoke and unique to your needs and goals. Treatment is only recommended following a full consultation where we will assess your facial structure, skin quality and medical history. From here a treatment plan will be agreed which can be purchased as an individual treatment, as a package or set up on a payment plan to help you to spread the cost.

The Aesthetic industry is not a fad but a medical speciality. If done well it can help and support many people to feel amazing.

Jan Birch

Owner and Managing Director at Blemish Clinic

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How our services work?

Treatment at Blemish may require an individual or course of treatments.
Your journey with us will usually include the following steps.

01. Book a Consultation with a specialist
02. We discuss your goals and agree on a treatment plan
03. Treatment is carried out or booked for a future date

Payment plans can be arranged for courses of treatment to spread your costs interest-free.

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