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Meet Jan

Jan Birch Consultant Nurse

Jan Is an Award Winning Nurse and has worked in the Aesthetic Industry for over 20 years.

Leaving a senior Clinical/Management position within Salford Royal NHS Trust over 20 years ago to pursue a career in Clinical Research it was this role that led Jan into the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

“I have had such an exciting career with many twists and turns. However, this has motivated me to be one of the longest and most experienced professionals in the Aesthetic Industry today.”

Jan Birch, Owner / Aesthetic Nurse

“Whilst undertaking research into a new medical device to treat Skin Cancer, we noticed the rejuvenating effects the treatment had, on not only diseased skin, but also healthy skin. This (by default) led me into the world of aesthetic medicine.I then worked with Dr Sean Lanigan at the Skin Hospital in Birmingham to undertake a clinical study on facial rejuvenation using Omnilux Light Therapy. This was the first Light Emitting Diode (LED) to get a medical license in the UK for a variety of medical indications.We were at the forefront of the ‘new generation aesthetic medicine back then’. This research has since enabled many companies to produce new products and opened so much more in the ‘Aesthetic Market’ today.”

Jan Birch, Owner / Aesthetic Nurse

Jan’s years of medical research have been published in several clinical papers in this area, and she has undertaken research on many other Dermatological conditions. Her role has enabled her to travel and work with some of the most eminent dermatologists in the world, lecturing in her speciality and presenting at many aesthetic conferences internationally. She has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to be trained and mentored by some of the most respected cosmetic doctors globally. One of those doctors being Dr Kwon – one of the most famous Cosmetic Doctors in Korea.

“My extensive training from some of the very best cosmetic doctors in the world has enabled me to have a rounded view of the cosmetic industry.”

Jan Birch, Owner / Aesthetic Nurse

When working in South Africa, Jan loved the accessibility of private dermatology and holistic skin centres combined and decided to replicate the concept of a private multi-centred clinic incorporating Dermatology, Skin and Aesthetics.

Fast forward to 2004 when Jan first opened the doors of Blemish Clinic which very quickly became the leading supplier of Dermatology and Laser Services to Northwest Pennine, Manchester Central and Manchester North. This enabled Jan to become a KOL (key opinion leader) for several aesthetic companies including Bioform, who originally supplied Radiesse, Fiziomed, EuroMedical Systems, who were the distributors of Neostrata and Juvederm and also SonfiAventis (Sculptra).

In 2007, Jan’s aesthetic work was featured in the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and other key magazines whilst working for a company called Fziomed. Lots of Jan’s work has also been published in European and trade industry journals.

Jan has campaigned for safety in the Aesthetic Industry for many years and has been on both TV and Radio to discuss its importance.

“The Aesthetic industry is not a fad but a medical speciality. If done well it can help and support many people to feel good about themselves.”

Jan Birch, Owner / Aesthetic Nurse

Despite Jan’s experience, knowledge and training in aesthetics, Jan describes herself as “a person that never stands still and continues to diversify and develop my skills to ensure my patients obtain the most up-to-date treatments.” Taking a keen interest in Anatomy, Jan seeks the most advanced training to fully understand how different products work underneath the layers of the skin and in conjunction with the muscles and tissues of the face and neck.

Alongside her own development and treating her patients who trust and support her, Jan also finds sharing her knowledge to support and develop other professionals, extremely rewarding. Having Blemish Clinic as a centre of excellence allows Jan to invite professionals in to spend time with her and shadow her methods – “I find giving people confidence and empowering them to reach their full potential, very rewarding.”

New techniques and innovation are what elevate Jan today and keep her passion alive. She has a loyal patient database and ensures they receive the most up-to-date and innovative products. Safety and efficacy are at the forefront of her mind and because of her scientific background, she can ensure her patients get the best!!

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